Jeff Zenisek is an up and coming stand-up comedian, actor, and host with a weird last name (its Czech), really good hair, and a growing fan-base. Jeff played semi pro tennis for several years until injuries sidelined him for good and brought him to the world of comedy. Since then Jeff has been dominating the comedy scene.

Jeff wins more in comedy than he ever did in his tennis career, he was awarded Best of the Fest at the 2015 Devil Cup in NYC. In 2016 Jeff has made appearances at the 10th Annual Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival, The 3rd Annual Burbank Comedy Festival, and the 5th Annual Accidental Comedy Festival (Cleveland, OH), the Kansas City Comedy Festival, the Scruffy City Comedy Festival (Knoxville, TN), and the 20th Annual LA Comedy Festival where he won Best Stand Up Performance.

In 2017 Jeff has continued make rounds in comedy festivals all over the United States, including the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival, The 6th Annual Westside Stand Up Showdown in Los Angeles, and The Women in Comedy Festival in Boston (pretty impressive considering Jeff is a man in comedy). And the Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival.

Jeff hosts a twice monthly podcast called THE GROUNDED PODCAST with Jeff Zenisek and records his show from Grounded Podcast Studios (previously located in his parents house). He records them mostly at his apartment in Los Angeles, but look out for live episodes at a venue near you. New episodes drop on the 10th and 25th of every month.

Jeff has worked with comics such as Nikki Glaser (Not Safe), Tom Segura (Your Mom's House Podcast). He ate pancakes with Nate Bargatze and also took Bill Burr to the gun range.

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